When proceeding to order an item with insufficient points, a "Your points are insufficient. Please buy more credits below. " message will prompt to direct you on clicking the Buy Credits button.

1. Click Buy Credits >>.

         Upon clicking the  Buy Credits >>. button, a pop-up dialog box will show you the additional amount you need to settle using either of the two payment options:

      Method 1. Paypal: Choosing this will redirect you to the Paypal website so you can settle the remaining amount.
      Method 2. Bank Deposit/Transfer: STORM's bank account will be displayed so you can take note of it for settling the remaining amount. 

2. Choose a Payment Method (Paypal or Bank Deposit/Transfer) and click Buy Storm Credits.

3. Click Place Order.

 If you chose method 2, you need to upload the photo or screenshot of the bank payment transaction in your Manage Credits tab to finalize the process. Failure to upload the photo within 48 hours will result in the cancellation of your order.

4. Go back to Feed and choose Manage Credits to upload the photo. 

       Approval of STORM Credits takes 1-2 banking days upon uploading the photo. Upon approval, the purchase order will be forwarded to our merchant for stock confirmation and processing.