Instructions on claiming this item:

  1. Select the branch of our merchant upon checkout of this item. Changing of branch will not be accommodated after checkout.

  2. Expect to receive an email from us within 7-15 working days. Please check SPAM/junk folder also.

  3. Follow voucher instructions upon receipt. Please contact the branch found in the voucher to set pick-up schedule BEFORE VOUCHER VALIDITY ENDS (15 days validity for all Robinson’s Appliances items)

  4. For any questions or concerns with claiming your order, please contact the branch selected. They will decide if they can accommodate any special concerns.

  5. Present a printed copy of your voucher during the scheduled pick-up time you've set with our merchant to claim your item.

Important Notes:

  1. Vouchers passed their validity period (15 days) can no longer be claimed

  2. You cannot change branch of the order once it has been placed.

  3. Items can appear available in the branch of the store, but are not allocated to STORM’s inventory. So, it’s possible to be out of stock for our store, but available in the branch selected.

  4. Sending of voucher for Robinson’s Appliances items may take longer than others due to needing more time to coordinate with branches and warehouses nationwide.