If you wish to enroll your benefits and convert them into points, kindly follow the instructions below:

1. Log-in to your account, and open the enrollment page by clicking the "Enrollment" button found in the left side of the page. You can also find the Enrollment button under the menu icon on the upper part of the page.

2. Select the Enrollment tab for the specific Enrollment Period you would like to enroll for.

3. You will see the benefits you can enroll. Kindly select how many of each benefit you would like to enroll.

4. After selecting the number of benefits to enroll, click the "Preview Form" button to review the benefits you will be enrolling.

5. After reviewing the benefits that are selected, click the "Submit" button in order to successfully enroll.

6. To confirm if you have successfully enrolled, you should receive an enrollment summary email in your registered email address. You can also check your wallet if the points have been added to your account.

TIP: Make sure to SUBMIT your enrollment within the duration of the enrollment period. Selecting the number of benefits but not submitting your enrollment will leave your enrollment in the SAVED status.