There's nothing more important to us than giving you the answers to your queries. If we are taking too long to respond, we are so sorry about this. November to January is the peak season for our teams so phone calls get congested and email response gets slower than normal. We are still trying to get back to you within 24 business hours. However, there are other ways to get faster responses:

  1. See if the STORM HelpDesk can help. The HelpDesk is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers from the Customer Champs. We bet that the HelpDesk can help you! But do not fret, if it does not answer your questions, you can always contact us directly.
  2. Send an email to your official support email. Each company has a dedicated support email - [companyname] - where our Customer Champs get your messages. Sending to puts your email in a long queue of general emails which results to a slower response time.
  3. Contact us on Facebook. We have Stormy the Chatbot to help you out with your queries. Stormy can answer most FAQs but if it gets too complicated, a human STORMer will attend to your message soon.