You can now buy STORM Credits through Bank Deposit during the checkout process. STORM Credits purchase through Paypal during the checkout process is still under development.

When you purchase STORM Credits this way, your order is already saved but marked as "Pending Payment" if you do not complete the process.

  • The stock for your order is already reserved for you.
  • You will have 48 hours to complete the process by uploading your deposit slip under Wallet > Manage Credits.
  • If you complete the process by uploading your deposit slip, the order will proceed and will be placed by our system with the merchant.
  • If you do not complete the process, your STORM Credits purchase and your entire order is automatically cancelled. Your points will be returned to your wallet.

You will need to follow these steps:

1. Click on "Checkout" from your cart icon.
2. Review your order and click on "Order Summary"

3. If you require more points, you will be prompted to purchase STORM Credits.  Click on "Buy Credits" to proceed.

4. A pop-up will come out. You will need to select "Bank Deposit."

5. The system will automatically indicate the amount of credits you need to buy. You can choose to increase this amount. If you decrease it, you will not be able to proceed.

6. Note down the account number, account name and bank details provided. 

7. Click "Buy Storm Credits."

8. You will be directed back to the previous page and you will have to click on "Place Order"

8. Your order has been placed. Remember to complete the bank deposit purchase and upload your credits.  Make sure you follow the steps in this article or your order will be automatically cancelled within 48 hours.

TIP: If you forget or cannot find the bank deposit details, just go to Wallet > Buy Credits and select "Bank Deposit."  You will see the bank deposit details listed there.  Make sure you copy it down!