1. Item exchanges are considered as returns. Henceforth, the term return/s shall also apply to exchange/s.

2. Any request for returns or exchange must be accompanied by the following:

· Printed and completely filled-up Incident Report Form

· Reason for return has to be valid and return acceptance conditions must be met (Please see below)

3. Acceptable reasons for return are the following:

· Damaged – Upon receipt of item, sealed product has visible packaging damage. This reason does not apply for sealed items. If the product is sealed but the item/s inside the packaging has damage, item is covered instead by the warranty policy of the manufacturer.

· Defective – Upon receipt of item, item is not working properly. This reason is only applicable for defects and does not apply to user-based limitations or wrong usage of item.

· Does not fit – This is applicable for items under Fashion only. Items that do not fit the customer can be returned to STORM, provided that it meets the conditions below (“does not fit”). It will be replaced with 1 size smaller or larger. The item and the packaging must be returned in good, unused condition.

· Not as advertised – Upon receipt and opening of item, customer finds out that the product does not carry the same specifications as advertised in the product page.

· Wrong item delivered – Upon receipt of item, customer receives an item different from what was advertised in the product page. Client has the option not to acknowledge Delivery Document and return the item immediately.

· Missing parts/items – Upon receipt of item, customer receives a product with missing parts or accessories. This does not apply for factory-sealed products.

3.a. If the item is damaged, defective, with missing parts / items, or not as advertised, you will receive a refund after the item is returned to STORM.

3.b. If the item does not fit or the wrong item has been delivered, you will receive a change of size (1 size smaller or larger) or the correct item after STORM receives the original item.

4. Unacceptable reasons for returns are the following:

· Customer damage - The product is returned to STORM with visible physical damages after receipt and usage of item

· Not as expected/ Unsatisfactory - The product received is fully functional based on product specifications but product performance does not meet customer’s expectations

· Change of mind - Customer does not need or want the product anymore. Please refer to DTI’s advisory

· Incompatibility - Customer realizes that the product does not fit/is not compatible with existing on hand or tested items

5. Returns will be accepted only within the following conditions:

6. Customers are given 7 days from date of receipt of item to return the product, even if not defective, without charge, provided all applicable conditions in #5 above are duly satisfied.

7. Product below shall not be accepted for return under ANY circumstance. Such items shall only be covered by the manufacturer's warranty if any:

Screen Protectors, Software, Coupons, Ebooks, DVD’s, VCD’s, Blu-ray Discs, Personal Care products, Underwear, Consumable items, Groceries, Vouchers, Load, any other non-tangible products, or similar products with expiration dates.

8. STORM reserves the right to decline any return or exchange when deemed necessary.