There are a few instances when this may happen:

a. You ordered a Virtual Item
- Virtual Items like GetGo Credits and Honest Bee Credits are processed and delivered digitally by our merchants.  Our system delivers your order information to them, and the order is delivered straight to your account wallet with those merchants.
- It may take them a few days to process your order.  The details would have been on the product page before you ordered.

b. You selected Office Delivery for the shipping method, and it is at your office already
- Depending on your company policy, someone may have received it on your behalf or it is just at the designated drop-off point

c. You selected Home Delivery for the shipping method, and someone in your household has received it already
- Please check with your household if anyone received the delivery on your behalf
- If you live in a condo, please check with your guards or front desk

If you have really not received your order, please send us an email through your dedicated support email [companyname] so that we can double check this with our team. Send us the following information.  Please ensure completeness of information for faster resolution.

Full Name:
Order Number:
Item Ordered:

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