Our standard delivery time is within 30 days, however we are often able to deliver in less time than that.

Typically, we are able to deliver:

  • Merchant Branch Pickup / Branch Service Redemption and Virtual Products within 7 days
  • Office Delivery within 15-20 days
  • Home Delivery in NCR 13-16 days
  • Home Delivery non-NCR areas 14-17 days

For products with batteries, aerosol and other flammable materials, our logistics partners do not allow these to be shipped by air. We can only ship these by land or sea freight, this may take more time.

Why do deliveries take that long?

For Virtual Products:

For Merchant Branch Pick-up / Service Redemption:

For Home / Office Delivery:

We also send out system-generated emails to update you regarding the status of your ordered item. See sample screenshot below:

In case you are not receiving these email updates, please contact your designated company support email as soon as possible to have this fixed.

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